About AWLP

A Well-Lighted Place initially was created around 2007 as a simple personal blog of book reviews. As happens with many a blog, A Well-Lighted Place eventually fell into neglect, and after a long period of dormancy, I deleted it altogether. 

And then, long story short, I missed it terribly, and so here we are again. My blog and me, back together again, Part II, new edition, better than ever, and all that jazz. 

Today A Well-Lighted Place is much more than a book blog. It is a full website featuring books in all the ways: book reviews, museum visits, library tours, author spotlights, reader/writer interviews, and whatever else that floats my boat. 

And I could not be more excited about re-launching A Well-Lighted Place and amplifying my voice in public support of the arts, the humanities, literacy, community. 

About Me

I am Deborah Renville, a reader, writer, former English professor, and now a reference assistant in a public library. 

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